Enrollment Instructions

iClassPro Account

Online registration will be done through iClassPro.  You will need to create an account through which all future enrollments, payments, and communications will be managed. 

A Dynamic Enrollment

During the course of the enrollment, classes may be added to the schedule as the demand dictates.  As this happens, you will have the freedom to go back into the system and adjust your selections as often as you need to.  All class selections must be finalized by the time enrollment ends in October.  Having said this, you will still want to enroll right away because classes may fill quickly.

Post-Enrollment Survey

If there are classes that you would like to take, but they are not offered at a time that is convenient for you, it is IMPORTANT that you fill out the Post-Enrollment survey.  This survey will let us know which classes need to be added, and at what time they should be offered.  You will be notified if we add a class to the schedule that you have specifically requested.  Since the survey is a Google form, you will need to be logged into Google to fill out the survey.  This will allow you to edit your survey responses later if your status changes.

Link to Post-Enrollment Survey


Class Removal

A class may end up being removed from the schedule if it does not reach an enrollment of at least 5 students, or if the demand is low, and there is a much greater demand for another class in that time slot.  If you are registered for a class that does not look like it will fill, you may want to reserve a spot in to a more popular class if you can fit it into your schedule.  If you do end up signing up for 2 classes, and you only intend to take one, please mention that in you post enrollment survey.

Referral Incentive

Remember to spread the word!  You will receive a $20 credit to your account for each family that you refer!  If you were referred by a friend, make sure you indicate that when you set up your iClassPro account and it will ask how you heard about us.  Then send us an email with the name of the person that referred you (or we will contact you).

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Current Classes for 2019-2020


There are additional time slots yet to be filled, but the classes that will be offered at those times will depend on the demand.  Please fill out the post-enrollment survey to request additional classes.

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