Piano and Vocal lessons

Our music lessons are taught by Bozena Raczkowski

Bozena holds a MA and BA in Musical Education from the Academy of Music in Poland. She has over 35 years of professional experience as a musical educator and performer. Bozena has performed all over the world at amazing venues such as Boston’s Symphony Hall, Carnegie Hall, the John Kennedy Center, The Bushnell and many more!

Being raised by musically inclined European parents, Bozena gained a passion for music at a very young age. She chose to go to music focused schools starting with elementary through college, which gave her an exceptional foundation for musical education. Many of Bozena’s students have gone on to peruse music professionally and have been accepted into prestigious collegiate programs.

Bozena is a very passionate and dedicated educator, piano teacher/voice coach. She believes each child is unique and therefore each lesson is tailored to the individual instead of using a one size fits all approach. To Bozena, music is a priceless gift and an adventure with the ability to alter ones life in the most positive way!


Now taking piano students ages 5-105 yrs old

Now taking vocal students ages 13-130 yrs old.




"Bozena has been my trusted voice teacher and mentor for the past 7 yrs...She not only has changed my voice and shaped it into the voice I have today, but she's changed my approach to performance and auditions, and has helped me gain more confidence the minute I step on a stage.  She helped me grow from someone who liked to sing into someone that liked to perform." - A Shivkumar,  South Windsor 


FIRST LESSON FREE - Come meet the teacher and ask questions, set up schedule, etc.

30 Min - $35
60 Min - $60

Email ctpacllc@gmail.com to enroll or contact Bozena directly @ 860-794-2114.

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