The CT Performing Arts Center offers a variety of classes at multiple times throughout the week.  Students may sign up for the combination of classes that best meet their scheduling needs. Classes run for 9 months, from September to June.


An annual registration fee of $25 will be required for each student.  This is separate from class enrollment fees.  


Students are encouraged to enroll in multiple classes during the week.  The base rate for a single class is $50/month; however, the price is discounted based on the number of classes the student is enrolled in.  The yearly tuition is for 8 months only, since classes are starting late this year.


                       Discount        Monthly      Yearly (paid in full)*       

1 Class -            0%               $50                $360/year

2 Classes          5%                $95               $684/year

3 Classes         10%               $135             $972/year

4 Classes          15%              $170             $1224/year

5+ Classes        20%              $200+           $1440+/year

*An additional 10% discount is given for those that pay for the full year upfront; however, a monthly payment option is available.


When multiple students from the same family enroll in classes, the classes taken by the family will be discounted at the same rate that they would be if they were all taken by a single student.  For example, the cost to enroll three siblings in one class each will be the same as enrolling one student in three classes.


A $20 referral bonus will be credited to your account for each new student that you refer.  In order to get this credit, the new member must acknowledge you as the referring party at the time of their registration.

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